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Grubsoul’s core passion is to procure premium and fresh produce, making sure it meets our high quality expectations before it reaches your door-step. As we strive to deliver locally sourced meat and seafood to you, we also want to indulge you in fine scrumptious food. And that is when Grubsoul Concepts was born.

Grubsoul Concepts has the sole intent to introduce you to the ambrosial taste, which is possible when you blend right amount of condiments with our succulent produce. We plan to come up with new initiatives that act as enablers for this cause. Grubsoul Seafoods is our first step towards this.

Grubsoul Seafoods is a restaurant that was never meant to be. It was born out of our founder’s desire, and that is to introduce you to some extraordinary, delectable, and scientific cooking. If you want to make our dishes at home, we strongly recommend using Grubsoul’s fresh & frozen seafood to experience the flavourful dishes you get at Grubsoul Seafoods. We are here to share, so next time you come visit us, please don’t hesitate to ask our kitchen staff about our recipes. We are a group of foodies who want to share our knowledge, and also learn from you.

Also available for ordering on Zomato and Swiggy.

Visit us at:
C-14, SDA Market,
Community Centre,
New Delhi – 110016

Flaming Pan-Asian style CRAB RICE (Heavenly party in your mouth, with dollops of deshelled crab meat)Fiery Schezwan style soft-shell crab served on a bed of chilly garlic fried rice, spicy juicy sauce & sesame seeds garnish. Exquisite crab speciality, for those who know their seafood
Grubsoul Crab rice
Grubsoul Lobster Roll

Japanese tempura-inspired LOBSTER ROLL (Our speciality – You don’t get this anywhere!)

Deshelled Lobster chunks batter fried to perfection, in a buttery Hot Dog with brined cucumber pickle, crunchy greens slaw and mustard mayo dash. Our most unique twist to delicate Lobster delicacy, a must try!

‘Yellow Fin’ TUNA PAV BHAJI (Full-on tuna experience with a desi twist!)Generously spiced and garnished with fresh coriander, onions and condiments. Served with crisply buttered pav to perfection
Tuna Bhaji Pav
Grubsoul calamari Rings

Crunchiest CALAMARI RINGS (Yes, exclusive Squid rings in Delhi!)

Squid rings coated in light crispy crumb, contrasted with sweet chilli sauce. The Yin-Yan experience of exquisite seafood at its sophisticated best

Bangkok Street Food inspired CHILLI GARLIC PRAWNS (The flaming taste of tender prawns)

Asian glazed chilli-garlic prawns with loads of bell pepper, green shallots and onions for the just-right amount of excitement to tender and luscious prawns

Chilli Garlic Prawns
Grubsoul Butter Tossed Prawns

Creamy and Succulent BUTTER GARLIC PRAWNS (Old classic, you can’t go wrong with)

Juicy, moist, and fresh prawns with the added dash of crispy almonds, bell peppers & crunchy broccoli

‘White Snapper’ FISH SLIDER (Juicy Burger, NYC-Food Truck style, like never before)Deliciously spiced-mince patty with sriracha mayonnaise, grilled onions, pickled cucumber, greens and lots of secret ingredients and oodles of overflowing love
Grubsoul White Snapper fish slider
Grubsoul White Snapper Fish fingers
‘White Snapper’ FISH FINGERS (Rare Andaman Speciality Fish!)Crunchy battered ‘WHITE SNAPPER’ fillets in classic English style, served with spicy Tartar Sauce. Luscious inside and marinated golden crust outside
‘White Snapper’ FISH CUTLETS (Rare Andaman Speciality Fish!)Succulent ‘WHITE SNAPPER’ – golden crumb coated, spicy mince & pickled onions, served with yogurt mint chutney
Grubsoul White Snapper Fish Cutlet